CONICIT Finances Projects for Reintegration of Doctors

César A. Parral

The National Council for Scientific and Technological Research (CONICIT) calls universities and research units, so that, in partnership with recently graduated researchers at the doctorate level, proposals are submitted for research and development projects.

El objetivo de la convocatoria es propiciar la incorporación de investigadores (as) recién graduados a nivel de doctorado al sector de producción científica nacional.

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The purpose of the call is to encourage the incorporation of researchers (as) recently graduated at the doctoral level to the national scientific production sector, through the financing of projects in disciplines related to science and technology such as engineering, math, chemistry, computer science, information technologies, earth sciences, life sciences, physics, and astronomy.

As a result of the research, it is expected that it will be possible to publish in high impact journals or to obtain patents, new technologies, or novel processes under some form of intellectual protection.

The funding for this call amounts to ₡ 108 million colones to be allocated to at least four selected projects. It is a non-refundable and aimed at public or private research centers.

The projects will be financed for a maximum period of 36 months that include a period of 24 months to carry out research and an additional term of 12 months to direct the scientific publications or the corresponding patent applications.

Proposals must be submitted by filling out the form that can be accessed electronically by July 30, 2017.

For more information on the requisites, process stages, evaluation criteria, funding options, non-financeable items, and others, please access the link:

To present proposals to CONICIT, UCR researchers must have the Vice-Rectory for Research endorsement.

For more information, contact the Promotion Unit at the Vice-Rectory for Research through (506) 2511-5837 or . Engineer Jorge Rojas-Vega from CONICIT can also be contacted through:


Engineering is one of the areas where it is possible to submit research projects.

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