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A century of palestinian immigration into Central America. A study of their economic and cultural contributions

Este ensayo constituye una primera aproximación al estudio de los inmigrantes palestinos en Centroamérica desde finales del siglo XIX hasta el presente. También analiza sus contribuciones económicas y culturales en los distintos Estados centroamericanos y Belice, así como los procesos de asimilación y preservación de sus tradiciones culturales.

Author: Roberto Marín Guzmán

Publisher: Editorial Universidad de Costa Rica


The children of Santa María Cauqué: A prospective field study of health and growth

This book is an extraordinary account of nine years of intimate association with a group of 45 Mayan children in a small Guatemalan highland village,” writes Nevin S. Scrimshaw, Institute Professor at MIT and one of the world’s authorities on the effects of nutrition on the development of children. “It is unlike any other published study in its almost daily observations of microbiological and general health status in the direct response to the cultural and environmental events to which each child develops under conditions of under-privilege.”

Author: Leonardo Mata Jiménez

Publisher: Universidad de Costa Rica


Living with Algorithms: Agency and User Culture in Costa Rica

We live in a media-saturated society that increasingly transforms our experiences, relations, and identities into data others can analyze and monetize. Algorithms are key to this process, surveilling our most mundane practices, and to many, their control over our lives seems absolute. In Living with Algorithms, Ignacio Siles critically challenges this view by surveying user dynamics in the global south across three algorithmic platforms—Netflix, Spotify, and TikTok—and finds, surprisingly, a more balanced relationship. 

Drawing on a wealth of empirical evidence that privileges the user over the corporate, Siles examines the personal relationships that have formed between users and algorithms as Latin Americans have integrated these systems into the structures of everyday life, enacted them ritually, participated in public with and through them, and thwarted them. Sometimes users follow algorithms, Siles finds, and sometimes users resist them. At times, users do both. Agency lies in the navigation of the spaces in-between.

Author: Ignacio Siles González

Publisher: MIT Press


The history of Costa Rica: brief, up-to-date and illustrated

This brief history, the first of its kind in the English language, offers readers from all parts of the world a condensed and illustrated account of Costa Rica´s past. The story begins in ancient times when the tropical forests hid the elusive footsteps of primitive hunters, and brings us to the ever more urban and complex present.
Wondering why Costa Rica is so different from the other vacation sun spots you’ve visited over the years? Trying to figure out how a tiny tropical country relying on coffee and banana exports became Latin America’s most stable democracy? Interested in knowing where Costa Rica’s big middle class came from, and why every village has a tidy schoolhouse? Or are you just curious about the background of the people you’ve met or the places you’ve visited? The History of Costa Rica, written by two leading historians of this country, will answer your questions. The only book of its kind in English, each page is illustrated with delightful photos, paintings, portraits, maps and quotes from Costa Rica’s extraordinary past. A complete index allows you to use the book as a handy reference work before, during and after you read the compelling story of “the Switzerland of Central America”.

Author: Iván Molina y Steven Palmer

Publisher: Universidad de Costa Rica


Lingva latina facilis

This is a trilingual conversational method to learn the basic level of modern Latin. The book is written in Latin, but all lessons are translated into Spanish and English (except the exercise section). Each lesson has an illustrated vocabulary too, a lot of dialogues and exercises. It is a fun way to learn Latin and it will be useful for its oral proficiency.

Author: Henry Campos Vargas

Publisher: Universidad de Costa Rica

Social Science

The Political Economy of Segmented Expansion

Latin American politics and society are at a crossroads, simultaneously confronting serious challenges and remarkable opportunities that are likely to be shaped by formal institutions and informal practices alike. The new Politics and Society in Latin America Cambridge Elements series will offer multidisciplinary and methodologically pluralist contributions on the most important topics and problems confronted by the region.

The series seeks two types of contributions (averaging 25,000 words in length): 1) state of the art and agenda-setting pieces, primarily by established scholars in the field; and 2) empirically rich contributions on cutting-edge and emerging topics in Latin American politics and society. The series’ intended audiences are faculty, students, and practitioners.  Free download

Author: Camila Arza, Rossana Castiglioni, Juliana Martínez Franzoniy and others

Publisher: Cambridge University Press


The Stories of Tata Mundo

The Stories of Tata Mundo effectively portray the idiosyncrasy, customs, mentality and language of the men and women of the character's homeland. His humor and irony make us smile and reflect on what we read. It is surprising to see how some of the idiomatic expressions used reveal an exceptional insight into the mood of the characters.


Author: Fabián Dobles Rodríguez

Publisher: Universidad de Costa Rica


Basic English Syntax. 2A. ED.

It is a textbook for students and teachers of English as a second language. The first part contains different forms of nominal structures and their functions. The second part shows coordination, subordination, and two different sentence patterns. Although it emphasizes the structures of English, it also considers the relationship between semantics and syntax.

Author: Berta Flores Mora, Vilma Alfaro Murillo, Marco A. Flores Mora

Publisher: Editorial:Universidad de Costa Rica


Contemporary Costa Rican Poetry

This anthology of contemporary Costa Rican poetry offers the reader a gratifying overview of an important part of this Central American Country’s literature.

Starting with a careful selection of poems by the editor, who is an expert in Spanish American literature, the translator gives an extraordinarily accurate rendition of the poetry in English.



Author: Carlos Francisco Monge

Publisher: Editorial:Universidad Nacional


A Transnational History of the Internet in Central America, 1985–2000: Networks, Integration, and Development

This book analyzes how six countries in Central America―Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama―connected to and through computer networks such as UUCP, BITNET and the Internet from the 80s to the year 2000.

It argues that this story can only be told from a transnational perspective. To connect to computer networks, Central America built a regional integration project with great implications for its development.

By revealing the beginnings of the Internet in this part of the world, this study broadens our understanding of the development of computer networks in the global south.

It also demonstrates that transnational flows of knowledge, data, and technologies are a constitutive feature of the historical development of the Internet.


Author: Dr. Ignacio Siles González

Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan