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University Campuses

The regional campuses are multidisciplinary and administrative academic units of the University of Costa Rica (UCR) located in different regions of the country and ascribed to the Rectory.

They offer courses on Humanities and others from general education, as part of the syllabus of different careers at UCR under the responsibility of the General Education System Council.

They provide short careers as well as extension programs according to the needs of the region in which the campus is located.

Together with colleges and schools of the University, they offer careers and career sections that lead to academic degrees.

They provide administrative support to university activities in teaching, research, and community outreach in their respective region. The UCR currently has the following regional offices and university campuses.

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  • Western Regional Campus
    • It is located in San Ramón de Alajuela, 59 km from San José. It was founded in April 1968 and is the most developed of the University of Costa Rica. It has a population of more than 2 820 students. It embraces two branches: San Ramón and Tacares.
  • Atlantic Regional Campus
    • It is located in the city of Turrialba, 67 km from San José, in the Atlantic area of ​​the country. This campus was founded on August 22, 1971. Its average population is 1687 students. The Atlantic Campus includes three branches: Turrialba, Paraíso and Guápiles.
  • Guanacaste Regional Campus
    • Located in the city of Liberia 220 km from the capital, it was founded in January 1972. At present, it offers its 1612 students all socioeconomic care services and an important range of academic options. Guanacaste includes Liberia and Santa Cruz Branches.
  • Caribbean Regional Campus
    • The Caribbean Campus is located in Puerto Limón, 168 km from the capital city. It was founded in April 1975 as a decentralized university service of higher education, to later become a regional campus in 1979. It currently serves 1,045 students and includes two branches: Limón and Siquirres
      • Limón Branch
      • Siquirres Branch
  • Pacific Regional Campus
    • The Pacific Regional Campus is located in the city of Puntarenas, 113 km from San José. Its foundation dates from 1975 as a decentralized university service, and became a regional campus in December 1992. This headquarters represents an important development factor for this fishing region and currently has modern facilities to accommodate an average of 939 students.
  • South Regional Campus
    • On December 6, 2019 the University of Costa Rica Legislature convened by the Rectory, approved the amendment to article 108 bis of the Organic Statute of the UCR, whereby the sixth university campus was officially created as South Regional Campus in the Brunca Region (formerly Golfito Campus).
  • Alajuela Interuniversitary Campus
    • The Alajuela Interuniversity Campus is a space for interuniversity academic exchange. In it public universities (University of Costa Rica, the National University, the Technological Institute of Costa Rica and the State Distance University) offer academic options according to the interests and needs of Alajuela province. It has an average of 577 students.

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