Vice Rector’s Office for Research

Functions of the Vice Rector for Research

In compliance with the Article No. 51 of the Organic Statute, the specific functions of the Vice Rector for Research are the following:

  • To supervise, coordinate and stimulate university research.
  • To ensure that research is not subordinate to foreign interests nor to those that obstruct, in any way, the development of Costa Rica. Research carried out in academic units and institutes may include both the basic one, in which the free and creative attitude of the researcher is exposed, as well as the practice aimed at developing a technology of its own in each field.
  • To ensure that research is coordinated with teaching and community outreach programs.
  • To act as hierarchical superior of the Library, Documentation and Information System (SIBDI).
  • To approve research programs proposed by the Regional Campuses, after consultation with the corresponding academic units at the main campus.


Dra. María Laura Arias Echandi

Position: Vice Rector for Research
Phone: (506) 2511-1405
Curriculum vitae:
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Licda. Rina Solano Retana

Position: Secretary
Phone: (506) 2511-4305/1405