Frequent Questions

When do correspond requesting an extension of the validity and a carryover of commitment?


An extension of the validity applies when the initial established time to do a research is about to finish and there still are tasks or activities pending to be done, or when a need to include one new objective appears. If so, it requires more time. 

It is important to notice that according to the Resolution VI-8668-2008, Paragraph h, “The extensions of validity will be given, for an only time, for those projects which have not fulfilled the originally proposed objectives, for justified reasons.”

A carryover of commitment corresponds when it requires additional time for rendering the report, partial or final, because the researcher could not finish it in the due time established by the Vice Rector’s Office for Research. This deadline should not exceed three months and applies only to the conclusion of the report, since if there still are pending activities prior to finish the study, what would correspond is the extension of the validity.

Both extensions of validity and carryovers of commitment must be recognized and approved by the Scientific Board or the Commission of Research, and given the nature of this request, this administrative tool can only be requested once.