Projects Unit


  • To manage, through administrative mechanisms and institutional regulations, the generation of scientific knowledge carried out at the University of Costa Rica. To supervise and control research activities, projects and programs formally registered at the Vice-Rectory of Research.


  • Registration, extension, suspension, modifications of programs, projects or activities.
  • Inclusions/exclusions of researchers participating in programs, projects or activities.
  • Budget Assignment for programs, projects or activities.
  • Monitoring of research partial and final reports submitted by programs, projects, or activities.
  • Analysis and approval for the presentation of offers through of different contractual models.
  • Review and processing of external funding BUDGET.
  • Collaborate with the Vice Rectory’s LEGAL COUNSELING in the approval of CONTRACTS/AGREEMENTS.


Lic. Jorge Pérez Astúa

Position: Responsible for Engineering and Agri-food, Caribe Regional Campus,CIET: 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Phone: (506) 2511- 1340

M.A.P. Darío Hernández Castro

Position: Responsible for Health and Arts and Letters Areas.
Phone: (506) 2511- 5843

M.B.A.Fabián Herrera Céspedes

Position: Manager of Paid External Link: Health, Occidente Regional Campus, Letters, Social Sciences, Experimental Stations,Vice Rector’s Office.
Phone: (506) 2511- 1339

Lic. Jose Pablo Mora Jiménez

Position: Responsible for Basic Sciences Area, Atlantico Regional Campus: 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Phone: (506) 2511- 5844

Cristina Calderón Bonilla

Position: Responsible for Computer Database
Phone: (506) 2511- 5846

Lisseth Fernández Cordero

Position: Secretary
Phone: :(506) 2511- 5845

Licda. Karol Fernández Delgado:

Position: Manager of Paid External Link: Agri-Food, Engineering, Basic Sciences, Pacífico Regional Campus, PROFOVIR, special cases (FDI-Comptroller’s Office)
Phone: (506) 2511-1368

Licda. Ericka Ramírez Garita

Position: Responsible for Social Sciences, Sur Regional Campus
Phone: (506) 2511-5846