Frequent Questions

What do I need to submit before the Vice Rector´s office for research for registering a project, program or activity?


The researcher must state the proposal at SIPPRES and present it to the Direction of the corresponding Unit for raising it to the Scientific Board or Commission of Research.

When the Commission or Board approve it, the Direction submits it formally to the Vice Rector’s Office together with a printed copy of the formulation, a copy of the minute of the session in which it was approved, the corresponding evaluations and the form of course- load, in case of having one for the execution of the initiative.

Additionally, the researcher and the direction of the Unity Basis, and prior to the submission to the Vice Rector’s Office, they must have finished the automatized process of online authorizations available at SIPPRES System, and the final state is “Approved”.

If an institutional budgetary support is not requested, the proposals can be presented any time of the year. On the contrary, if you need budget support, you must present the proposal together with the requests of your Unit, in May of the current year, for a fund competition for the following year of the registration of the initiative.