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Research Center on Cultural Diversity and Regional Studies (CIDICER, for its acronym in Spanish)

It was created to generate, articulate, and distribute knowledge about local, national, and regional cultures of Latin America in order to disseminate them nationally and internationally. It is located at the Western Regional Campus, and its purpose is to integrate the research carried out in other academic units and regional campuses of the University of Costa Rica.


  • To research cultural diversity and develop regional and local studies from inter and transdisciplinary perspectives to obtain the necessary social transformations, for the achievements of the common good and the integral development of the different human groups of the country.

Main functions

  • To promote national and regional human development through scientific research
  • To analyze the problems faced by Costa Rican society from the local and regional perspective to point the academic work towards finding pertinent and viable solutions.
  • To promote inter and transdisciplinary work to form work groups that can become support for other substantive activities of the University of Costa Rica.
  • To strengthen the identity awareness processes from a local, regional and national perspective.
  • To systematize the study of the different cultural manifestations in different regions of the country and beyond our borders
  • To favor the study of the different cultures developed in the country, Central American and Latin American region to strengthen the processes of teaching learning in the National Education System.
  • To determine the contributions of representatives of different academic disciplines in the socio-historical and cultural development of our country
  • To provide processes of change and improvement of society to offer viable and relevant solutions
  • To favor the creation of interdisciplinary teams, with participants from different campuses of the University of Costa Rica, other public universities and educational institutions in the region and the country.
  • To open spaces in the related fields of the Research Center for the preparation and continuous improvement of the researchers and professors of the Regional Campuses
  • To disseminate research work in the fields related to the Center through academic activities (congresses, seminars, symposia, conferences, concerts, exhibitions, theatrical performances, among others).
  • To strengthen the institutional image in its dynamics of local, regional, national, and international projection
  • To spread, the research results by creating a series of research advances through electronic and print media. These will consider the link with community outreach.