Investigation Units

Social Sciences

Research Center in Women’s Studies (CIEM, for its acronym in Spanish)

It is a feminist academic unit of interdisciplinary nature that coordinates, carries out and support activities under an integrating perspective of the academic issues as teaching, research and social action executed in the University of Costa Rica with the purpose of promoting the search of knowledge about the gender relationships and equity among sexes.


  • To coordinate, execute and support programs, projects and activities under an integrating feminist perspective with the aim of promoting knowledge about gender relationships, equity and equality among sexes, advance of the women human rights and the development of non-sexist institutional policies

Main functions

  • Development of Research and Social Outreach projects
  • Integration of the Interdisciplinary Team against Sexual Harassment
  • International and National Agreements



  • Projects on counseling through UCR Foundation

Non Remunerated

  • Talks against Sexual Harassment
  • Course on human trafficking