Investigation Units

Health Sciences

Research Center for Tropical Diseases (CIET, for its acronym in Spanish)


  • To carry out, through the correct development of research projects, the necessary actions to facilitate the administrative and logistical support, that will allow the expansion of research in the field of infectious diseases of importance for Costa Rican public health. To strengthen the proper functioning of CIET facilities and equipment

Main functions

  • To promote basic and applied research in the field of infectious diseases
  • To develop multidisciplinary research programs involving specialists from different fields of scientific knowledge to expand information about tropical diseases
  • To seek solutions for the control of the main infectious agents in our country by studying their characteristics, developing better diagnostic methods and standardizing quality control techniques
  • To link activities to community outreach, especially regarding the dissemination of preventive measures and control of infectious diseases of national interest
  • To promote and participate in the education and training of scientific personnel in related areas, providing the facilities for their training, as part of the programs of the Graduate Studies System
  • To seek for the financial support from other State institutions, private companies, and international organizations for the financing of research activities


Non Remunerated

  • Diagnosis of infectious diseases caused by parasites, bacteria, and viruses
  • Molecular methods for the characterization of microbial agents of infectious diseases
  • Epidemiology of infectious diseases
  • Design of clinical laboratories and quality control programs in clinical laboratories
  • Microbiological quality of water for human consumption
  • Microbiological analysis of food