Investigation Units

Engineering and Architecture

Research Center in Sustainable Development (CIEDES, for its acronym in Spanish)

The Center for Research and Studies in Sustainable Development (CIEDES) is a multidisciplinary unit devoted to the research and study of the structure, processes, and results of the interaction between societies and the environment. Its purpose is to determine right mechanisms that allow the integral development of the human being, while promoting the recovery or conservation of the natural ecosystems and geosystems, in a perspective of long-term coexistence.


  • Our fundamental objective is to promote and develop interdisciplinary research and studies of socio-economic and technological development processes, and their interactions with the natural environment. The objective is to find feasible solutions that meet the needs of present generations without compromising the possibilities of future generations and the care of their own needs.

Main functions

  • To contribute to the efficient and effective administration of the water resource and its different variables by the local governments
  • To provide advisory and support in innovative projects aimed at a healthy and efficient management of natural resources
  • To be generators of development in each and every one of the different variables that make up Sustainable Development, such as socio-economic, environmental and human aspects, among others
  • To train the civilian population in subjects directly related to the promotion of sustainable development


Non Remunerated

  • Advisory on Hydrological and Hydraulic topics
  • Advisory on General Administration topics
  • Advisory on general topics of Environmental and Administrative Law
  • Advisory on Civil Engineering topics, mainly construction work
  • Advisory on Gender and Social Development topics