Investigation Units

Arts and Letters

Research Center on Latin American Identity and Culture, (CIICLA, for its acronym in Spanish)

The research carried out in this Center has an inter, trans and multidisciplinary character and its articulating axis is the reflection about identities, culture and society. The working groups are organized into research programs defined on the basis of specific themes and problems. From these, the processes of construction of Latin American identities are addressed and analyzed, emphasizing local and regional particularities and diversities.

The dissemination and publication of the results of the Center's research and the knowledge generated about Latin American cultural identities in other national and international academic institutions is carried out through the following units that work in CIICLA:

  • El Centro de Información y Referencia sobre Centroamérica y el Caribe (CIRCA) (The Center of Information and Reference about Central America and the Caribbean, CIRCA, for its acronym in Spanish)
  • La Comisión Editorial (COMEDIC) (The Publishing Comission, COMEDIC, for its acronym in Spanish)
  • Repensar América Latina (REAL) (Latin America Rethinking, REAL, for its acronym in Spanish)
  • Revista Cuadernos Inter.c.a.mbio sobre Centroamérica y el Caribe. Journal Inter.c.a.mbio Notebooks about Central America and the Caribbean.


  • To plan, coordinate and carry out disciplinary or interdisciplinary research about the diverse manifestations, dimensions and characteristics of Latin American cultural identities.

Main functions

  • Generation of meeting spaces between institutions and organizations interested in the study of the Central American and Caribbean region.
  • Reception, publication and dissemination of the Center's research (through the University of Costa Rica's Publishing House in the Cultural Identity Collection)
  • Organization of an International Colloquium every two years, in which the identities and cultural categories constructed in and by Latin American societies are reflected, discussed and explained.
  • Dissemination of scientific production and academic reflection about identities and cultures in Central America and the Caribbean, both nationally and internationally, through the Journal Cuadernos Inter.c.a.mbio about Central America and the Caribbean
  • Carry out activities related to the problems of cultural identities in Latin America, in coordination with the corresponding academic units.
  • Coordination of university community outreach related to fundamental aspects of the manifestations of Latin American and Costa Rican cultural identities.