Investigation Units

Engineering and Architecture

Research Center in Information and Communication Technologies (CITIC, for its acronym in Spanish)

As a response to the role the TIC sector represents in the economic development of the country, and consequently with the responsibility the University of Costa Rica has for the contribution of transformations the country needs for the achievement of the common good, it is pertinent the creation of the Research Center in Information and Communication Technologies (CITIC)

This unity is devoted to research, innovation and development. In the same way that happens in other latitudes, it looks for taking care of the needs and expectations of society and promoting solutions for the technological development and the knowledge different sectors require


  • To advance knowledge in the different fields of computers and informatics and promote interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research through promotion, coordination and development of scientific research, according to the general policies of UCR
  • Closely integrate the CITIC activities to the exercise of teaching and social action as mechanisms to apply and disseminate knowledge originated from its research programs
  • To stimulate the formation and training of researchers, providing the facilities, resources and infrastructure required for their training
  • To promote the collaboration and integration among the researchers through the formation of groups of research, nets of scientific collaboration and research projects in the academic units of UCR as well as the centers of national and international research
  • To provide the ECCI with a platform of permanent research which supports the current programs of undergraduate and postgraduate, as well as the future program of Doctorate in Computers and Informatics



  • Sale of services
  • Training
  • Research at measure
  • Advising