Investigation Units

Agri-Food Sciences

Research Center in Grains and Seeds (CIGRAS, for its acronym in Spanish)

It carries out scientific research on post-harvest technology of grains, seeds, and other non-perishable products. It provides services in grain and seed quality analysis. It develops, adapts and disseminates technologies that promote the efficiency and competitiveness of public and private companies.


  • Conduct scientific research in the fields of postharvest grain and seed technology, in the marketing of grains, seeds and other perishable products, in the genetic improvement of plants, in biotechnology, in seed production and in the conservation of germplasm.
  • Actively participate in the academic and teaching activities of the UCR, especially in the College of Agrifood Sciences, undergraduate and graduate.
  • Provide services in quality analysis of seeds, grains and mycotoxins, to the public and private sector.
  • Train professionals and technicians in the agribusiness sector, in the beneficiary, storage and quality control of grains and seeds, nationally and internationally.
  • Develop, adapt and disseminate technologies that promote the efficiency and competitiveness of private companies and that contribute to the improvement of the quality of life of the national producer, especially the subsistence farmer.
  • Provide advice in the different disciplines of CIGRAS specialization.