Investigation Units

Basic Sciences

Research Center in Geophysics, (CIGEFI, for its acronym in Spanish)

The Research Center in Geophysics is a research unit in the common fields of Physics and Meteorology.


  • To study the climatic variability, hydrology, statistical numerical models of the climate and collection and analysis of meteorological observations, among other themes.

Main functions

  • Production of scientific publications.
  • Development of high level scientific research through research projects in different areas of Physics and Meteorology.
  • Collaboration with the Academic Master’s Degree in Hydrology and the Atmospheric Sciences Program.
  • Organization of short courses, conferences and scientific congresses about topics related to research carried out in the Center.



  • Data analysis
  • Climate modeling
  • Short courses about climate topics
  • Workshops about topics related to Geophysics

Non Remunerated

  • To provide meteorological data for academic purposes
  • To support in decision-making at institutional level to hydrometeorological events
  • To support teaching