Investigation Units

Basic Sciences

Research Center in Electrochemistry and Chemical Energy, (CELEQ, for its acronym in Spanish)

It develops scientific research in the field of energy with emphasis on Electrochemistry and related disciplines. It offers repetitive technical services, contracted research, advising and consultancy and training to the chemical, electrochemical and food industries.


  • To generate, through scientific research, knowledge in the area of chemical energy, its production, storage, transformation and application
  • To study and apply electrochemical and physicochemical processes in order to contribute to the solution of energy, environmental and industrial problems, among others.
  • To adapt and develop technologies for the production of chemical energy of different types, so that they can be used in the Center or transferred to the national productive sector.
  • To promote the education and training of scientists in the fields of action of the Center, as part of the degree programs and the Graduate Program.
  • To maintain priority for research on remunerated service programs with the external sector.
  • To prioritize the use of economic income for remunerated services towards investment and strengthening of the center’s research programs.
  • To disseminate research results, both in specialized journals and through social outreach programs.
  • To promote cooperative relations with national and international institutions and organizations in the energy field.

Main functions

  • Research in the areas of electrochemistry and chemical energy, its production, storage, transformation, and application.
  • Teaching and social outreach activities related to its lines of research and development.



  • Quality analysis of fuels derived from petroleum and biofuels
  • Analysis of pollution with hydrocarbons in different environmental matrices

Non Remunerated

  • Support to students in areas related to the Center.