Investigation Units

Agri-Food Sciences

Research Center in Crops Protection (CIPROC, for its acronym in Spanish)

It carries out basic and applied research on aspects related to crop protection and develops programs to transfer results. It offers repetitive technical services and training. It promotes the rationalization of the use of agrochemicals and the search for alternatives with less environmental impact.

Centro de Investigación en Protección de Cultivos (CIPROC)


  • To develop research and meet the needs of agricultural producers and companies regarding plant protection problems (plagues, diseases, and weeds).

Main functions

  • To develop research related to the field of plant protection.
  • To attend inquiries of diagnosis of plagues and diseases of crops.
  • To train technicians, professionals, and producers in solving problems of plagues and diseases of the crops
  • To participate in training professionals in the agricultural field, particularly in aspects of crop protection.



  • Diagnosis of plagues and diseases
  • On-farm counseling and through training courses and workshops on issues related to plant protection
  • Development of contracted researches

Non Remunerated

  • Development of research on the initiative of academic staff with the research unit
  • Collaboration to producers with economic limitations regarding the diagnosis of plagues and diseases
  • Collaboration with short trainings to groups organized or convened by public institutions, such as MAG