Investigation Units

Agri-Food Sciences

Research Center in Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness Development (CIEDA, for its acronym in Spanish)

It develops scientific research in the different fields of the agricultural economy and agribusiness development. It sells services and provides training in managing, marketing, finance, project evaluation and management, as well as consulting to agricultural and agroindustry companies.


  • To provide advice in agricultural economics to public and private institutions when they require it using the established mechanisms for this purpose.
  • To generate, improve and disseminate the knowledge and techniques that are applied in the productive process, transformation and commercialization of goods and services of the agri-food sector and others related.
  • To create methodological schemes and establish an information unit that makes easier and accelerates the research processes for different users in agricultural economics and the agri-food sector.
  • To develop training programs for national and foreign professionals in agricultural economics and agribusiness.
  • To share projects and programs with other universities, especially with the Experimental Stations and Research Centers of the Faculty of Agri-food Science.
  • To develop scientific research in the different fields of agricultural economics and agribusiness development, preferably of a multidisciplinary nature. CIEDA’s actions will try to promote the interaction of the different social, academic and economic aspects of the Costa Rican agri-food sector.
  • To link activities with other academic centers and national and foreign institutions to develop programs in competence of CIEDA, through programs, agreements, and interinstitutional agreements.
  • To create a flow of information and dissemination with the results obtained in the different researches to serve as a basis for decision-making in the productive sectors of the country and in the formulation of national policies for planning and agri-sustainable development.

Main functions

  • Advising and consulting, training and research contracted in the following areas: food security, economic policy, natural resource economy, agricultural economy and agribusiness development, trade in agricultural products.



  • Contracted research: specifically, research activities with the external sector that requests support in the areas related to the agricultural economy and agribusiness development.

Non Remunerated

  • Plant research in the agricultural, agro-industrial, and agri-food sector such as: food security, rural development, agricultural economy and agribusiness development, trade in agricultural products, and policy of the agriculture sector.