Investigation Units

Social Sciences

Research and Training Center for Public Administration (CICAP, for its acronym in Spanish)

It investigates the issues of the organizations with the aim of contributing to the optimization of its administration and capacity of response to the demands of the state dynamics. It provides with services of technical counseling, training, updating and upgrading in all the areas of Administrative Sciences.


  • To reinforce the capacities of management of the public sector, the organizations of the social economy and non-profit ones, through research, continuous education, advising and counseling and the management of knowledge.

Main functions

  • To systematically investigate and study national problems in public, regional and municipal administration, offer technical programs, short courses and in-house to public organizations of the social and non-profit economy.



  • It has 17 research projects. Two work as umbrellas (continuous education and advisory) apart from the program of municipal development, labor competencies, public works, and so on.

Non Remunerated

  • Talks and monthly conferences addressed to the public officials
  • International seminars on topics of assessment and accounts rendering, public Jobs, public policies
  • Bulletins with topics on the public management addressed to the public sector
  • Development of the Index of Transparency of the Public Sector
  • Students on thesis work who develop their TCU on registered processes which allow them to improve their research competencies and knowledge application