Investigation Units

Agri-Food Sciences

José Maria Orozco Botanic Garden, Biology School, Montes de Oca (JBO, for its acronym in Spanish).

The greatest importance of the garden is its diversity of plants, with about 900 species (late 2016), many of them regenerated or cultivated in the last ten years. This is an example of plant diversity that can be protected even in small areas.

The current objectives of the Orozco Garden are to conserve plant species in a protected area of ​​the campus (in addition to the animal species that take advantage of these resources), allow the natural regeneration of native species of the Central Valley, cultivate and reproduce other species of particular interest, be an appropriate site to complement the teaching of botany, to illustrate various phenomena of nature and to offer an appropriate place to practice environmental education and have healthy recreation.

In the face of traditionally destructive practices of nature, which have prevailed alongside disorderly growth, conserving this piece of nature in the middle of the Josefina urban area is an example that the UCR can give Costa Rican society.