Investigation Units

Agri-Food Sciences

Fraijanes Experimental Farm, Alajuela (FEF), Fabio Baudrit Moreno Agricultural Experimental Station.

It seeks to promote a harmonious development among the different actors of the area such as entrepreneurs, farmers, teachers, women, children and young people; regarding the importance of protecting the richness of the forest, promoting conservation agriculture, reducing greenhouse gases, protecting water sources, local biodiversity and natural ecosystems, watching over the conservation and sustainable use of genetic resources in this area, all in order to improve the welfare of future generations.


  • Formal and informal teaching aimed to improve the knowledge of the agro-ecological environment.
  • Exchange, conservation, multiplication and distribution of forest genetic resources and promising food species adapted to the agro-ecological conditions of the area of influence of the FEF.
  • Development of Outreach and Research projects in technical collaboration with national and international institutions devoted to teaching, conservation, management, and distribution of germplasm, mainly adapted to the agro-ecological conditions of the region.
  • Establishment of appropriate infrastructure in the FEF to look after researchers, students or national or foreign visitors who participate in teaching and training programs.
  • Silvicultural and agro-ecological adaptation of some native highland forest species in the Fraijanes area; joint work between the UCR and the CNFL.
  • Contribution to the development of conservationist attitudes and the implementation of research projects for the adaptation of native highland forest species and their use in agroindustry production systems.