Investigation Units

Social Sciences

Communication Research Center (CICOM, for its acronym in Spanish)

The Research Center in Communication (CICOM) is a unit that seeks to promote and consolidate an interdisciplinary academic community that researches, analyses, participates, disseminates and influences communication processes as discipline and social practice, in order to become an articulator space of teaching, social outreach and research.


  • To promote research in communication in all its dimensions and to contribute to its development in the context of Social Sciences of the country.
  • To encourage trans and interdisciplinary research in the field of communication.
  • To link research in communication with the needs and contributions of Costa Rican society in different areas.
  • To integrate activities developed at the Center into teaching and social outreach at the School of Communication Sciences and the Graduate Program in Communication.
  • To strengthen research skills of people related to CICOM, both as researchers, as well as undergraduate and graduate students, and other social actors.
  • To facilitate support and advice of academic research to institutions and social bodies that require it, establishing the pertinent rules to reach this objective.
  • To establish cooperative relations with institutions, agencies and national and international organizations related to the Center’s work, in accordance with the possibilities and norms established by the Center and the University of Costa Rica.
  • To promote dissemination and socialization of the research carried out at the Center using different channels.

Main functions

  • The functions of CICOM are those derived from Article 125 of the Organic Statute, Article 1 of the General Regulations of Institutes and Research Centers and Experimental Stations, and those mentioned in the previous section.



  • No paid services.

Non Remunerated

  • None