Investigation Units

Social Sciences

Central America History Research Center (CIHAC, for its acronym in Spanish)

It promotes and disseminates the research of the History of Central America with the aim of contributing to the comprehension and improvement of the regional societies through research projects of CIHAC and the graduate program in History of the UCR. Its services include the promotion and dissemination of the research in History of the Isthmus and the sale of services of historical research, among others.


  • It is an academic unit of scientific research of high quality, devoted to developing, promoting, doing, and coordinating research and dissemination in the field of History in Central and Latin America.

Main functions

  • To look for a better knowledge of History inside the context of Social Sciences through scientific and applied research
  • To promote research with a long-term perspective in all the areas of research developed by the University of Costa Rica
  • To promote, carry out and coordinate historical research according to the general policies of the University of Costa Rica
  • To integrate its activities to the exercise of undergraduate teaching, and especially to support the System of Graduate Studies
  • To stimulate the formation and training of historians and other specialists of related fields providing facilities for it
  • To disseminate the historical research linked to the analysis of the Costa Rican social reality, as well as Central American and our Continent
  • To advise on the matter of their competence to state agencies, when requested, in accordance with the relevant regulations and facilities
  • To keep relations with the institutions and foreign organisms in charge of the development of disciplines of the Center’s field of action, especially of Central America and the Caribbean
  • To promote programs of social outreach generated by research



  • Institutional history books have been developed to unions or institutions in the country, with due remuneration.

Non Remunerated

  • Public conferences on research projects
  • Public seminars with international and national researchers
  • Open short courses
  • Support to research centers in UCR campuses in the organization of research events