Investigation Units

Arts and Letters

Arts Research Institute (IIArte, for its acronym in Spanish)

It is an academic research unit aimed at systematizing research and creation, promoting artistic research, and disseminating its results with an inter, multi and transdisciplinary orientation. Through the academic research, the Institute seeks the study, registration, and dissemination of culture as a fundamental element in shaping the identity of countries.


  • Carrying out research, preferably multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary or transdisciplinary, with a high academic level in order to strengthen artistic production.
  • Dissemination and conservation of the Costa Rican artistic heritage.
  • Promotion of research-creation in all areas of teaching at the undergraduate and graduate level that provides innovations in the teaching of art.
  • Research link with teaching and community outreach.
  • Promotion and participation of research-creation networks at both the national and international levels.
  • Generation of spaces for debate, critical thinking, and circulation of information from processes and results presented.

Main functions

  • To produce the appropriate conditions for the development of research related to arts with emphasis on research-creation.
  • To accompany in the registration of the arts research projects.
  • To follow-up in the appropriate management of the arts research projects.
  • To supervise in the budget execution of the arts research projects.
  • To acquire specialized equipment for the development of the research in arts.
  • To evaluate the partial progress and the final reports for each of the arts researchers