Investigation Units

Agri-Food Sciences

Agronomic Research Center (CIA, for its acronym in Spanish)

It carries out basic and applied research in soil sciences, biotechnology and postharvest technology. It offers advising, consulting and training services, technology transfer and supporting the activities of the agricultural sector through the provision of specialized services.

Centro de Investigaciones Agronómicas (CIA)


  • To contribute to a sustainable development through the generation of knowledge and technology transference in agro productive systems.

Main functions

  • To participate actively in national agricultural work to promote sustainable development.
  • To research in a continuous, pertinent, systematic, and interdisciplinary way.
  • To carry out teaching work in agri-food sciences at the University of Costa Rica.
  • To carry out social outreach through technology transference, provision of services and dissemination of results of activities through the possible technological means.
  • To establish links of collaboration with national and international entities from the academic, productive and governmental sectors.
  • To promote the continuous dissemination of research results, mainly through publication in national and international indexed journals.
  • To maintain quality management and promote the continuous improvement of all activities.
  • To promote well-being, teamwork and staff sense of belonging to the center.



  • Chemical analysis of soils and plant tissues.
  • Chemical analysis of fertilizers, organic fertilizers, water, substrates.
  • Physical analysis of soils.
  • Microbiological analysis of soils and substrates.
  • Sale of vitroplants.
  • Sale of bio-inputs.

Non Remunerated

  • Training and workshops.
  • Consulting