Library, Documentation and Information System (SIBDI, for its acronym in Spanish

It supports the substantive programs of teaching, research, social action and administration through the acquisition, organization, storage, access and effective recovery of information resources and the provision of quality services according to the new technologies and orientations of the teaching- learning processes, which stimulate creativity in scientific work and promote the assimilation, transformation and generation of knowledge.

Currently SIBDI is integrated by the following libraries: Carlos Monge Alfaro Library, Luis Demetrio Tinoco Library, Law Library, Health Sciences Library, Musical Arts Library, and Central American Population Center Library.

It also coordinates with all libraries of the University campuses, which are part of SIBDInet. The SIBDI bibliographic and documentary resources can be consulted from the site: Online services are also available.

Postgraduate Studies System (SEP, for its acronym in Spanish)

The Postgraduate Studies System is the entity in charge of organizing, orienting, promoting and managing the postgraduate programs of the University of Costa Rica. It is a relatively autonomous and integrating system. Its mission, which has been fulfilled since its official foundation in 1975, is to contribute to the training of researchers, teachers and professionals with academic excellence, humanistic vision and social responsibility, both in disciplinary and inter, multi and trans disciplinary fields.

Its vision is to become a national and international reference for training at the highest university level, based on the quality of a solid tradition that renews itself against the demands of the environment, and which also has an ever-higher horizon as its perspective.

Currently, SEP has 11 academic doctorates, 79 academic masters’ degrees with 116 different curricula, 87 professional masters’ degrees with 116 different curricula and 74 specialty programs. This constitutes an academic offer of 317 different curricula.

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Publishing System of Scientific Diffusion of Research (SIEDIN, for its acronym in Spanish)

It is responsible for the dissemination of the research results sponsored by the Institution, as well as the publication of specialized magazines, textbooks and books of general interest. The Publishing House of the University of Costa Rica (EUCR, for its acronym in Spanish) is part of the system. It was created in 1977 to promote Costa Rican culture through the publication of literary, artistic and scientific works and to offer the students a wide bibliography about several areas of study.

The Publishing House publishes books, magazines, and compact discs in the areas of Literature, Philology, Linguistics, Philosophy, Arts, Music, Social Sciences, Pedagogy, Economics, Law, Natural Sciences, Agri-food Sciences, Health Sciences, Engineering, Mathematics and others

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