University Agency for Entrepreneurship Management (AUGE, for its acronym in Spanish)

The University Agency for Entrepreneurship Management of the University of Costa Rica (AUGE) was born in November 2012 as a Unit specialized in the creation and acceleration of companies and knowledge-intensive entities, ascribed to the Office of the Vice President for Research, operating with the financial and logistic support of the UCR Foundation.

We promote innovative projects and dynamic organizations to contribute to inclusive and sustainable development. We seek to be the dynamic element of the entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem of Costa Rica and the Region. We are committed to raising the chances of successful entrepreneurship that are creative, dynamic and sustainable and we do it, through a practical and innovative management, based on collaboration, accompaniment and alliances.



We are an entrepreneurial community that incubates innovative projects and drives dynamic organizations to contribute to inclusive and sustainable development.



To be the dynamic element of the entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem of Costa Rica and the region.



  • We are passionate with focus.
  • We systematize to learn from the process.
  • We build teams for strengthen abilities.
  • We are flexible and urge the change.
  • We collaborate for growing.


The services we offer to our entrepreunerial community:

1. Promoting entrepreneurship inside the university: It is carried out by means of talks to students and professors of different academic areas, our participation in fairs, contests and other activities organized by the University. We promote a culture among the university community, in order for students and officials to expand the opportunities to apply their knowledge to contribute to inclusive and sustainable development in the country.

2. Learning for early stages of entrepreneurship: we focus on those who have an idea and need support to validate it. In our blue and yellow phases we help entrepreneurs to discover the essence of the problem and what need they want to address so they can lay the foundations of what their entrepreneurship will be.

3. Incubation of ventures: in our green and red phases, we accompany entrepreneurial teams who already count on a product or validated service and can manage a Viable Minimum Firm, whether it is a social enterprise or non-profit organization, or for profit-making companies. Within these phases, we offer technical and strategic support to compete for funds and submit proposals to potential investors or entrepreneurship support funds.


Other services:

1. FlashLab: Fast, practical, and experimental courses designed for entrepreneurs and collaborators of firms or institutions that want to develop cooperative entrepreneurships or a spin off. The Labs are available according to the demand and there are sessions that last 4 hours with a space for experimentation.

2. Sprint Auge: competition of co-creation, diverse, practical, and focused. It looks for the development of knowledge and the encouragement of abilities regarding entrepreneurship and innovation. As a basis, they propose solutions for a challenge stated by a firm or organization which sponsors the activity using Focus Design Thinking.

3. Laboratory of manufacture for accelerating what is prototyped: Inventoría is the initial project of the Fundación Costa Rica Innova, an organization that operates with the support of FundaciónUCR. Through an alliance with its founders, AUGE offers the service of accelerating prototypes by means of a collaboration of activators of the maker movement, apart from tools like 3D printers, Arduino boards, and laser cutters among others.


Opportunities of collaboration:

Warp Team: professors, researchers and university officials can support our entrepreneurial teams as part of a network of interaction, experiences and innovation-oriented growth.

Warp is a network of mentoring and consulting, composed of professionals from different disciplines, entrepreneurs and business people with experience, people working in research centers, among other profiles. We created it with the objective of strengthening the ventures in AUGE, complementing the incubation process, with advice and mentoring that provide knowledge and experience to the entrepreneurial teams.


Know us better in our website ( or attend Vórtice, our monthly activity open to the whole community. We have it each third Tuesday of a month at 6:30 p.m.

Contact: Telephone number : +506 2511-1334 (with previous appointment)

Casa emprendedora María Teresa Obregón, 100 metros este y 100 norte de la Fuente de la Hispanidad, San Pedro, San José.


Dr. Alberto Cortés Ramos

Position: Director a.i.
Phone: (506) 2511-1334

Mr. David Ramírez Szpiegel

Position: Incubation manager
Phone: (506) 2511-1334

Bach.Raúl Martín Zamora

Position: Incubation manager
Phone: (506) 2511-1334

Mrs. Allison Quesada Agüero

Position: Administrative manager
Phone: (506) 2511-1334

Mrs. Ana Javier Quintero Montero

Position: External Facilitator
Phone: (506) 2511-1334

Mrs. Carolina Flores Hine

Position: Incubation manager
Phone: (506) 2511-1334

T.M.S. Jerlin Campos Flores

Position: Administrative secretary
Phone: (506) 2511-1334

Bach. Priscilla Morera González

Position: Alliance Manager
Phone: (506) 2511-1334