Museum of the University of Costa Rica (Museum UCR)

The Museum of the University of Costa Rica (UCR Museum) was created by the University Council in session No. 5457 of June 24, 2010. However, its work began since 1999 when the Vice Rectory Office of Research established the Institutional Collections Commission.

UCR Museum Mission

The Museum of the University of Costa Rica (UCR Museum) is a special research unit of the Vice Rectory Office of Research, non-profit, at the service of society and its development, open to the university community and the public, in general, which acquires, preserves, researches, disseminates and exhibits the natural and cultural, tangible and intangible heritage of humanity, particularly of Central American region for educational and entertainment purposes. The UCR Museum fosters a network of coordination in museological aspects with the collections and other museums of the University of Costa Rica (UCR).

The UCR Museum supports the UCR in its three primary functions: teaching, research and community outreach. It is also a space for study, reflection, artistic creation and knowledge dissemination.

Vision of the UCR Museum

The vision of the UCR Museum is to become a model university museum at national and Central American level.


2283-9705 General

2511-5290 Coordination

2511-5287 Collections Registration

2511-5289 Education

2511-5288 Graphic Design and Exhibitions


  • Promote a network of coordination in museological aspects with UCR collections and museums.
  • Facilitate the institutional interaction of actions and resources in museological matters.
  • Articulate the protection and conservation of institutional heritage in UCR collections and museums.
  • Support research, registration, cataloging, conservation, restoration and exhibition of university and national heritage, tangible and intangible, with a perspective of accessibility and use by the university and national community.
  • To promote the dissemination and exhibition of UCR collections and the knowledge generated by them.
  • Develop educational programs for different sectors of Costa Rican society.
  • Strengthen the use of collections to generate knowledge and contribute to teaching, research, social action and continuing and non-formal education.
  • Advice on procedures and criteria related to management of collections and museology, in general.
  • Advice and collaborate with the curators (as), in charge of collections and directors of regional museums, experimental stations, botanical gardens and biological reserves in educational plans and programs.
  • Design, prepare and set up exhibits on UCR+ museum's collections and collaborate with the different academic units of the UCR, in this regard.
  • Promote the creation and management of databases of UCR collections.


Dra. Eugenia Zavaleta Ochoa

Position: Curator and coordinator
Phone: (506) 2283-9705

M.A. Félix A. Barboza Retana

Position: Curator and Collections Registration Manager
Phone: (506) 2283-9705

Licda. Adriana Araya Góchez

Position: Curator and Education Section Manager
Phone: (506) 2283-9705

Lic. Mariano Chinchilla Chavarría

Position: Curator and Design Manager
Phone: (506) 2283-9705

Bach. Marco Díaz Segura

Position: Curator of Natural History
Phone: (506) 2283-9705

Licda. Laura Raabe Cercone

Position: Curator of Visual Arts
Phone: (506) 2283-9705