Legal Counseling


  • To provide legal advice to the Vice Rector, to the internal units of the Vice Rector’s office, Library, Documentation and Information System (SIBDI, for its acronym in Spanish), Publishing System of Scientific Diffusion of Research (SIEDIN, for its acronym in Spanish), academic and research units, special units and research support units and other authorities in issues related to research.


  • Review, discussion, and normative application in specific situations to the research activity, as well as projects, programs, and research activities together with other units of the Vice Rector’s Office as Research Management Department (DGI, for its acr
  • Definition of criteria about diverse topics related to the work of the Vice Rector’s office, such as remunerated link with the external sector, final graduation projects, copyright, modalities of agreements and institutional contracts, policies of researc
  • To promote the accompaniment, analysis, discussion, and dissemination of criteria for the use of internal units and institutional entities in general (research units and meeting with research commissions of schools, faculties, and regional campuses).
  • To provide quality information to the authorities responsible for ensuring compliance with the objectives, obligations, and the good progress of research in academic units of research and academic units.
  • To ensure adequate management in the framework of the principles of legality, probity, and accountability.
  • To advice to the authorities of the academic units of research about the operation of collegiate entities, functioning, quorum formation, decision making, etc.
  • To advice to the authorities of the academic units about topics related to final graduation projects.
  • To provide information to management units about regulations and policies.
  • To review specific agreements that the University subscribes with the different public and private entities, national and international in the framework of its competences. It includes letters of understanding, framework cooperation agreements, specific c
  • To review the new proposals and modifications of the regulations of the academic units of research and other specific such as the systems attached to the Vice Rector’s office.
  • To attend issues related to graduation final projects.
  • To attend internal requests with colleagues in the Projects Unit (UP), Research Management Department (DGI), Ethical Scientific Committee (CEC), Promotion Unit (UP), Unit of Management and Transference of Knowledge for the Innovation (PROINNOVA), Quality
  • To compose resolutions and form letters.
  • To attend assigned meetings or commissions to the lawyers of the office.


Licda. Marcela P. Calvo Lizano

Position: Legal Counselor
Phone: (506) 2511-5842

Dr. Denis Campos González

Position: Lawyer
Phone: (506) 2511-5841

Rosibel Vargas Pérez

Position: Secretary
Phone: (506) 2511-1399