Advisory Council of The Vice Rector’s Office for Research (COVI, for its acronym in Spanish)

The Advisory Council of the Vice Rector’s Office for Research (COVI) is ruled by articles N°. 55, 56, 57 and 59 of the Organic Statute of the University of Costa Rica and the article N°. 12 of the Regulation of Research of the University of Costa Rica approved by the University Council in session N°. 5972, article 2, March 17th, 2016.


The objectives of COVI are the following:
  • To evaluate and approve the registration, closure and suspension of proposals for research support activities given by the Vice Rector, aimed to stimulate, promote and strengthen research management processes.
  • To create, merge or eliminate research support units through a study that includes academic and financial aspects that allow to determine the institutional convenience of creating the new unit or modify existing structures to support research. The decision to create, merge or eliminate must be ratified by the Rector through the respective resolution.
  • To ratify the appointment of the people who are part of the advisory councils, scientific councils and research commissions, within the fifteen working days after this appointment. Those designations that are exempted are the ones of the direction of the unit carried out by the University Council at the time of its creation and for this only time.
  • To analyze the regulatory proposals of research institutes and centers, experimental stations, special research units and research support units and evaluate them to comply with the university regulations before submitting them for approval and promulgation by the Rector.
  • To appoint the person who represents the Vice Rector’s Office for Research to the advisory council of research centers, experimental stations, and special research units, where applicable.




Dr. Fernando García Santamaría

Vice Rector for Research

Dra. Marlen León Guzmán

Vice Rector for Teaching

M.Sc. Marjorie Jiménez Castro

Vice Rector for Social Action

M.Sc. Luis Jiménez 

Subdirector Computer Science Center

Dr. Georges Govaere Vicarioli

Director of INII (Engineering Area)

Dr. Álvaro Morales Ramírez

Dean of Postgraduate Studies System (SEP, for its acronym in Spanish)

Dr. Hugo Alfonso Muñoz Ureña

Director of IIJ (Social Sciences Area)

Dr. Patricia Fumero Vargas

Director of IIARTE (Arts and Letters Area)

Dr. Javier Trejos Zelaya

Dean of Faculty of Sciences (Basic Sciences Area)

Dr. Rosario Achi Araya

Director of INISA (Health Area)

Dr. Víctor Jiménez García

Director of IIA (Agri-Food Sciences Area)

Dr. Alex Murillo Fernández

Director of Sede del Atlántico (Atlantic Campus) (Regional Campuses Area)



Gabriela Chacón Zamora

Position: Secretary, COVI: from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Phone: (506) 2511-4201