Administrative Management Department (DGA, for its acronym in Spanish)


  • Manage and advise the internal administration of the Vice-Rectory and the financial / budgetary processes of research projects.


  • Support in budget execution. It includes: consulting, reviewing, processing, approving and executing of expense.
  • Supplies purchase for research projects.
  • Coordination of the internal administrative processes of the Vice Rectory.
  • Control and custody of the documentation generated by the Vice Rectory and research projects.
  • Development of computer programs and information technology consultancy for the internal processes of the Vice Rectory.


M.B.A. Marcela Vílchez Moreira

Position: Administrative Chief
Phone: (506) 2282-6753

Bach. Alonso Castro Vindas

Position: Financial Analyst
Phone: (506) 2511-13-31

Licda. Jendry Quirós Fallas

Position: Responsible for payments
Phone: (506) 2511-5830

Mr. Juan Manuel Sanabria Mora

Position: Administrative Technician
Phone: (506) 2511- 5831

Mrs. Hellen Brenes Rojas

Position: Receptionist
Phone: (506) 2511-1350

Mrs. Maritza Monge Montes

Position: Janitor
Phone: (506) 2511-1350

Ing. Adrián Zamora Villalta

Position: Information Systems Engineer
Phone: (506) 2511- 1382

Ing. José Ignacio Rodríguez Blanco, M.Sc.

Position: Information Technology Unit Coordinator
Phone: (506) 2511- 5850

Mr.José Pablo Segura Sánchez

Position: Driver
Phone: (506) 2511-1350

Licda. Maritza León Ramírez

Position: Responsible for Filing
Phone: (506) 2511- 5851

Lic. Pablo Arguedas Salazar

Position: Technician assistant
Phone: (506) 2511- 5851

Bach. Cynthia Leandro Mora

Position: Budgetary Manager
Phone: (506) 2511-5833

MBA. Andrea Montero Porras

Position: Secretary
Phone: (506) 2511- 5830