Becas y financiamiento

Van Tienhoven Foundation for International Nature Protection

Fecha inicio: 1.01.2020

Fecha límite: 31.01.2020

Mission and Vision

Van Tienhoven Foundation is a small foundation that makes grants on the basis of the estate of Pieter Gerbrand van Tienhoven.

We are concerned about life on earth and the delicate balance between human life, nature and biodiversity. We believe local people are instrumental and key to conserve and restore nature and species populations. We believe that small grants can have a great impact, but only if small grants lead to change in policy and practice.


Criteria for assessment

The Van Tienhoven Foundation prioritises projects that:

  1. Are focusing on threatened species and ecosystems and/or key biodiversity areas
  2. Are aiming to counter the human-induced causes for these threats, in order to have maximum conservation impact
  3. Are practical, hands-on and directly applicable in order to generate change
  4. Are initiated, owned or widely supported by local stakeholders, in order to ensure sustainability
  5. Are exemplary for a wider problem, serve as a catalyst for raising awareness and engaging other stakeholders
  6. Create leverage and can demonstrate that small grants and individual efforts can make a difference

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