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International Teacher Education Conference

Fecha: Thursday, July 29, 2021

a Friday, July 30, 2021

Hora: All day

Lugar: Nicosia/Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus


You are invited to join INTE 2021 - IETC 2021 - IWSC 2021, one of the largest international conferences for lecturers, researchers and technologists. For the last 20 years, INTE 2021 - IETC 2021 - IWSC 2021 conferences have been held in-person, welcoming many participants in the field of education. Last July 2020, due to the COVID outbreak, These conferences were successfully held as a virtual conference.
INTE, IWSC & IETC conferences have been held as both in-person and virtual events, welcoming more than 400 participants in the field of education. 
This year, INTE & IETC are really concerned health issues related to COVID-19 coronavirus diseas and your safety is our priority.  We hope your family and you are safe. Many traditional classes across the world (many international universities) are moving to a online or video format. We can do it, too. ZOOM online program will be used. We hope to see you at a future conference.

Due to Coronavirus COVID-19, Paper presentations could be online, video or face to face.

Información de contacto

Para envíos abstractos y en papel y/u otras investigaciones académicas/científicas.