Comité Institucional para el Cuidado y Uso de los Animales (CICUA, for its acronym in Spanish) Institutional Committee for the Care and Use of Animals


  • Interpretation, review, and evaluation of institutional programs for the care and use of animals


  • To interpret, review and evaluate institutional programs of tests, research and education related to the care and use of animals.
  • To inspect facilities where activities with animals are carried out.
  • To establish mechanisms for receiving and reviewing the care and use of animals in the Institution.
  • To analyze the institutional animal care program, at least every six months.
  • After each inspection and review, to submit a report written and signed by most members of CICUA to the administrative office of the Institution, about the state of the program on animal care and use and other related activities.
  • To register with the Vice Rector’s Office for Research, all scientific, educational, social action, and technological activities carried out in the institution and in which alive animals are used in one form or another.
  • To advise the Vice Rector for Research, Teaching and Social Action in issues related to his/her competence.
  • To collaborate in the control of all registered activities, in the Vice Rector’s Office for Research, Teaching, and Social Action.
  • To issue technical opinions about aspects related to the subject of its competence.
  • To keep the Vice Rector’s Office for Research, Teaching and Social Action informed about the changes that may arise at the international level regarding the use and care of laboratory animals, especially those tending to alternative uses.
  • Others assigned by the institutional regulations.


CICUA Members




Ph.D. Sara González Camacho (Coordinator) 

 Laboratory of Biological Trials

Telephone (506) 2511-4565

Dr. Guillermo León Montero

Clodomiro Picado Institute

Telephone (506) 2511-7877

Dr. Mauricio Arguedas Gómez

Clodomiro Picado Institute

Telephone (506) 2511-7901

Ph. D. Cristina Herrera Arias

 Faculty of Pharmacy

Telephone (506) 2511-8330

Ph. D. Ismael Segura Ulate

Faculty of Pharmacy

Telephone (506) 2511-4299

Ph.D. Alfredo Castro Castillo

Faculty of Microcrobiology

Telephone (506) 2511-8587

Ph. D. Carlos Quesada Gómez

Faculty of Microcrobiology

Telephone (506) 2511-8614

Licda. Maritza Mata Barahonda

Psychology School

Dr. Nien Tsung Weng Huang

Medicine School 

Telephone (506) 2511-4489

M.Sc. Gerardo Chaves Cordero Biology School Telephone (506) 2511-5966

M.Sc. Daniel Briceño Lobo Biology School Telephone (506) 2511-5392

Ph.D. Sergio Salazar Villanea Animal Science School Telephone (506) 2511-8816

M.Sc. Róger Molina Coto

Animal Science School

Telephone (506) 2511-3574  

Dr. Liliana Pazos Sanou

Asociación Científica, Centroamericana y Mexicana de la Ciencia de Animales de Laboratorio (ACCMAL, for its acronym in Spanish) (Central American and Mexican Scientific Association of Laboratory Animals Science)        



  • CICUA meets ordinarily on the second Thursday of each month.
  • The registration form is received no later than the Monday before the regular session, until 4 p.m.
  • In the case of projects developed in the field or wildlife conservation areas, the number of the corresponding permits must be indicated.



Dr. Sara González Camacho
Telephone: (506) 2511-8305

Nidia Gutiérrez Sanarrusia, Secretary
Telephone: (506) 2511 4565