Investigation Units

Engineering and Architecture

Research Program in Sustainable Urban Development, (PRODUS, for its acronym in Spanish)

It develops applied research in territorial, environmental and infrastructure planning in collaboration with national and international institutions. The services it offers are specialized and oriented to recommend institutional transformations that promote greater sustainability of urban development and effective use of natural resources


  • To promote sustainable development in three dimensions: economic efficiency, social equity, and environmental sustainability

Main functions

  • Research on measures that increase the sustainability of urban systems, with a more efficient use of natural resources (soil, energy, water)
  • Promotion and development of actions that increase the sustainability of the development process based on research results aimed at improving the economic, social, and environmental situation of the inhabitants
  • Recommendation of institutional processes that promote greater sustainability of urban development
  • Approach of the most appropriate processes to encourage the participation of citizens in the improvement of human settlements
  • Strengthening of teaching at UCR facilitating advanced training
  • Strengthening relations with institutions of similar interests in research, teaching and extension in Costa Rica and abroad



  • Territorial organization (urban, rural and coastal)
  • Management plans
  • Environmental impact studies
  • Planning of transport systems and reduction of negative externalities
  • Transport economics
  • Studies of potable, residual and rain water
  • Solid waste management and disposal
  • Adaptation and mitigation of climate change, passive air conditioning
  • Urban and rural economics
  • Socioeconomic analysis
  • Education and health analysis
  • Involuntary resettlement
  • Architectural and cultural heritage
  • Analysis and mitigation of natural and anthropic risks
  • Environmental management

Non Remunerated

  • Information and databases for teaching and research
  • Talks for educational purposes