Priority access for research proposals relating to COVID-19 virus

César A. Parral
Instruct ERIC

Instruct European Research Infrastructure Consortium (Instruct-ERIC), is committed to the use of our infrastructure in response to emerging societal needs. In the case of the COVID-19 virus, Instruct-ERIC would like to ensure that our resources are made available to support researchers in their efforts to study the virus, working towards the development of an effective vaccine or treatment.
In this context, we are offering priority access to groups that need to use our structural biology services for projects directly related to COVID-19 viral proteins, with a faster review of research proposals relating to COVID-19. To request priority access to Instruct-ERIC services for COVID-19 related research, please submit a research proposal with COVID-19 in the title of the proposal.

Instruct-ERIC is the single point of access to technology and expertise for structural biology research. Through its specialist research centres in Europe, Instruct-ERIC offers funded research visits, training, internships and R&D awards. By promoting integrative methods, Instruct-ERIC enables excellent science and technological development for the benefit of all life scientists.

For full details of which services are available for COVID-19 research during the current restrictions, including remote access (sample can be sent for analysis without a physical visit by the external researcher), please consult our COVID-19 Resource Centre.

 Discover the COVID-19 Resource Centre at

 As for all Instruct-ERIC proposals, researchers from Instruct Member countries can apply for funded research visits, where machine access, consumables, travel and accommodation are included. 

If you have any questions regarding access to Instruct-ERIC services for COVID-19 research, please contact the Instruct Hub at