Investigation Units

Arts and Letters

Research Institute on Linguistics (INIL, for its acronym in Spanish)

It is a scientific and technical research unit, dedicated to the study of the languages of Costa Rica and neighboring areas, and to the projection of these studies to the university, national and international communities.

Its research areas are:

  • The indigenous languages and verbal arts of Costa Rica and neighboring areas.
  • The different varieties of Costa Rican Spanish and neighboring areas.
  • Creole languages spoken in Costa Rica and neighboring areas.
  • Lexicography and metalexicography of the languages of Costa Rica and neighboring areas.
  • The relation cognition and language.


  • To contribute to the development of linguistics studies about the languages of Costa Rica and neighboring areas (the regions of South America and the Caribbean, which are part of the Intermediate Area, and Central America), and the development of Linguistics in general

Main functions

  • To support in the knowledge, protection and conservation of the verbal linguistics and artistic heritage of Costa Rica
  • To cooperate with teaching activities of the Department of Linguistics and the Postgraduate Commission on Linguistics through the contribution to Linguistics courses and the incorporation of postgraduate students in Linguistics and related fields
  • To collaborate with the social action activities of the Faculty of Letters, its schools and those of other academic units through the production and evaluation of knowledge and materials for the members of the communities
  • To promote interdisciplinary research and national and international activities