Investigation Units

Social Sciences

Development Observatory (OdD, for its acronym in Spanish)

The Development Observatory (OdD) is a research support unit of the University of Costa Rica, whose fundamental mission is to provide relevant and timely information to the national decision making process about Costa Rican´s development


  • To establish national development following up and monitoring systems to improve the capacity for analysis, formulation, and design of public policies, as well as to support coordination and cooperation in the implementation of initiatives that improve the human capacities of the population

Main functions

  • To facilitate, with scientific rigor and political transparency, access to quantitative information about the Costa Rican and regional development for decision making at the national level
  • To articulate inter-institutional and international work to generate instruments that evaluate sustainable human development
  • To provide tools for the analysis of interactions between environmental, social, economic, and institutional factors of development through the construction of new methodologies for the quantitative aggregation of relevant information of each factor
  • To provide the public with access to relevant information about national development
  • To promote activities and research projects that include the participation of professors from all disciplines of the University



  • Services related to the elaboration and analysis of development indicators (social, economic, environmental, etc.), as well as support for decision making and research in general

Non Remunerated

  • Advisory on data analysis