Photo Book Compiles Wonders of Cocos Island

Manrique Vindas-Segura

A new book prepared with beautiful and amazing photographs will reveal the wonders of Cocos Island before your eyes to emphasize the beauty and the importance it has for our country.

El libro muestra espectaculares imágenes sobre las riquezas naturales de la isla del Coco vistas desde la perspectiva de prestigiosos fotógrafos internacionales.

It is a work that collects artistic photographs of the marine depths that surround the island taken by different professional photographers.

A total of 19 national and foreign photographers captured the high quality images; among them international artists with extensive experience in publications at the level of the National Geographic organization.

More than fifty people were involved in the creation of this book that tries to take the reader on a sensory trip to this wonderful island, which very few Costa Ricans will have the opportunity to visit.

The work is called “Isla del Coco. La isla que hizo grande a Costa Rica” [Cocos Island: The island that made Costa Rica great] and it aims at bringing Costa Ricans and foreigners closer to the natural beauty, landscapes, and marine fauna of this paradise of ours.

Scientific Rigor

The publication goes through the forests, coasts, seabed, and history of the island. The texts were written by Karina Salguero, María Montero and Yazmín Ross, but relied on the advice of UCR scientists who ensured the accuracy and rigor of the information.

One of the co-authors is Dr. Jorge Cortés-Núñez, a researcher at the Center for Research in Marine Sciences and Limnology (CIMAR).

Unique images will take you to the underwater world of Cocos Island and will allow you to learn about the different species that inhabit it.

Dr. Cortés explained that "the book aims to convey that beauty, that magic of Cocos Island, but with a scientific foundation. Then all texts are based on scientific information. Although they were written by people who write in a more poetic and entertaining way than scientists, they are based on interviews with researchers and scientific articles.”

As an example, he mentioned that “the names of the species, types of rocks that exist, the events and phenomena that are seen, everything was consulted with national and foreign scientists.”

Cocos Island was declared Natural Heritage of Mankind by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), an achievement in which the University of Costa Rica (UCR) had an important participation.

The work is launched within the framework of the commemoration of the 20th anniversary of the declaration and the 40th anniversary of the creation of Cocos Island National Park.

For this reason, the launch of the book is accompanied by an exhibition of this Island at the National Museum, which will be open to the public until August 19 of this year. (SEE INFORMATION)

Part of the profits generated by the sale of the book will be used to finance scientific research projects on the Island by UCR researchers.

At a cost of $50, the book is available at Librería Internacional, Lehmann, El Kiosco, the Gold Museum of the Central Bank of Costa Rica and Britt Stores at international airports, as well as through

The work was officially presented on November 30 at the National Museum and it is an initiative of the UCR Center for Research in Marine Sciences and Limnology (CIMAR), with the support of the Cocos Marine Conservation Area, the foundation Amigos de la Isla del Coco [Friends of the Cocos Island] (FAICO), Cuestamoras, the Uribe-Sáenz family, and MarViva.

For more information you can write to or visit the Facebook page “OjalaEdiciones”.

The photographs show the wonderful lushness of flora and fauna that inhabit the island.